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Legend of the Crazy Cook

In the year 1907, Frank Evans was part of a crew, building a fence along the US-Mexico border. One morning, he commented on the cook’s meals. Out of nowhere, the cook picked up an axe and murdered him in “cold blood.” A grave marker near the Crazy Cook Monument tells the gruesome story. They never caught the cook, but legend says, he’s still out there, killing hikers who leave trash in the water cache boxes.

Triple Crown Thru-Hikers Dion Pagonis and Andrea Rego are the organizers of Crazy Cook Shuttle Services. You might know them from hiking with their son, Buddy Backpacker, the youngest triple crown hiker at 9 years old. They run the shuttle every season to raise money for their dream hostel. A place for hikers and bicyclists to take refuge in the brutal boot heel. Each year, they take what they earn, and roll it over into the next season.