“Camp Crazy Cook went above and beyond to make sure I got to that monument.  When my Greyhound was delayed by 15+ hours, he reorganized the schedule of everyone to make sure we all got there.  He saved my butt, had great stories, and gave us valuable tips as we drove out to the wasteland that is Crazy Cook.  A+ in every way.”

Grant “Gusha” Leonardi

“The Camp Crazy Cook shuttle was a stress-free and convenient way to start our CDT thru-hike in 2018. Dion was friendly and knowledgable about the area and gave us great advice for our first few days in the New Mexican boot-heel. I’m thrilled we were able to start at the Crazy Cook terminus and have the epic monument to kick off our hike. Even better — we didn’t have to drive the very rutted and twisting roads to the terminus ourselves. We’d highly recommend using this shuttle.”

Allie “Knock on Wood ” Ghaman & Clif “Honeybuns” Reeder

“The service Dion and Andrea offer is invaluable for any hiker in need of getting to/from the Crazy Cook terminus, which lies a couple hours drive over very rough and confusing roads. Dion was very friendly and knowledgeable about the trail, and made the logistics of getting from Lordsburg to the terminus as simple and stress-free as possible.  I would certainly use their service again, and highly recommend it to anybody planning to hike the CDT.”

Bennet Murch

“Turbo Coyote thumbs up. Trail family name, and believe me, we don’t each give out two thumbs very often. This is a great compliment as Turbo Coyote’s worth, so to speak, is based mostly in the fact that he has thumbs, unlike his dog and goat sidekick. 8 Turbo Coyote thumbs up is like when your mom mails you homemade chocolate chip cookies AND wet wipes.”

Lexy “HeatWave” Newby

“Not everything on the CDT has to be brutal. The Crazy Cook CDT Shuttle makes getting to the start easy. Thanks again for kicking off the trip right!”

Jay “Armstrong” Bruins

“On a scale of A to 30, I’d give you a banana.”


“It was just a great atmosphere, with great people. You checked out our packs, made sure we were ready to go. Felt like you cared, like you weren’t just going to let some clueless, unprepared person head out there without a bit of a shake-down/ reality check. Take the Crazy Cook Shuttle! Dion knows his stuff. He’s got what you might’ve forgotten, knows the trail, can give you a shake-down, and generally calms some of those pre-trail jitters that can set in the night before. Best way to start the CDT.”

Lexy “HeatWave” Newby

“I give it a 9 on the Chair Guy scale of comfort”

Andrew “Perry” Scallan

“Totally exceeded expectations! The habitation was fantastic. Food from the community was a wonderful surprise, especially the breakfast eggs. The WiFi was a lifesaver. Totally great program!”

Lauren “DustBuster” Deland

“Dion is a total fucking bad-ass that you should give money to in exchange for his amazing shuttle services and company.”


“10/10! Dion was awesome in answering my bazillion questions and laying down a nice framework for the trail. The Crazy Cook Shuttle was the perfect way to start the CDT, I am so grateful I went with this option. Dion is crazy helpful, getting you everywhere you need to be and answering all questions about the trail. Most of all, you never know who you’ll share the shuttle with -they’ll probably become your new favorite trail friends!”

Ellie Dugan